Milling Benson Woodward’s Attorneys are Experienced Defending Medical Malpractice Claims

July 10, 2023by Kenneth Whittle0

Medical malpractice claims can be the most challenging and costly situations that health care professionals can face. The allegations against licensed healthcare professionals can potentially damage the provider’s reputation, privileges and licensure and drain resources. It can also be very stressful. If you are a physician, nurse, midwife, facility or other health care provider who has been accused of negligence or wrongdoing that caused harm to a patient, you need a strong, effective defense. Milling Benson Woodward’s attorneys effectively use all available resources to  protect their provider clients and defeat or reduce the claims against them. Milling Benson Woodward’s medical malpractice defense attorneys help provider clients navigate the complex and  stressful process of medical malpractice litigation. If you are insured, you may designate or choose Milling Benson Woodward as your counsel by request to your insurance carrier.

Medical malpractice defense often includes:

  • Detailed investigation and review of the medical aspects of the claim including a review by nurse paralegals or consulting experts and interviews with the other healthcare providers involved in the care;
  • Challenging the credibility, qualifications, or methodology of the plaintiff's expert in motion practice or at trial;
  • Identifying and hiring effective experts to support the standard of care and the treatment provided to the plaintiff.
  • Preparing a detailed Submission to the Medical Review Panel and, if necessary, responding the post-panel suit;
  • Proving that the healthcare provider’s care was in line with the standards of the medical profession and was consistent with what reasonable and competent providers would do under the same or similar circumstances;
  • Showing that the natural course of a patient’s disease, the patient's own negligence or the negligence of others caused or contributed to the injury; and
  • Working to reduce or eliminate the damages that the claimant patient is seeking; and
  • Protecting the licensure and privileges of the healthcare provider while resolving the claim.

Milling’s attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation of your case, review your medical records and documentation, consult with qualified experts, prepare a strong and persuasive defense strategy, negotiate with the plaintiff's counsel, and represent the provider’s interests until resolution of the claim by dismissal, settlement, or trial. Milling Benson Woodward is experienced defending medical malpractice claims filed against physicians, nurses, midwives, and other health care professionals. We understand how stressful and damaging these claims can be for you and your practice. We will work tirelessly to protect your rights and interests and achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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