Avoiding Burnout

October 24, 2023by Shannon Eldridge0

Anyone can suffer from burnout related to their profession and employment.  Lawyers, doctors and other professionals are particularly susceptible to burnout.  It is important that each of us recognizes the signs and symptoms of burnout so that it can be addressed early on and possibly avoided.


Common signs of burnout in any profession or employment include:


  1. Exhaustion and physical fatigue
  2. Mental/emotional exhaustion
  3. Feeling cynical or detached
  4. Decreased job satisfaction
  5. Reduced productivity and motivation
  6. Difficulty thinking clearly or concentrating
  7. A feeling of lack of accomplishment
  8. Increased absences or tardiness
  9. Physical symptoms including headaches, digestive problems, anxiety, sleep disturbances
  10. Difficulty with co-workers


If you notice signs of burnout, it is important to take time for yourself. “Self-care” is an important part of avoiding and reversing burnout.  Milling Partner Bruce Cranner enjoys sailing on Lake Pontchartrain.  This activity gets him out of the office and into nature, which is one of the best recommendations for avoiding and treating burnout.  Associate attorney, Sarah Fisher, loves to recharge by hiking and by spending time at the many beaches along the Gulf Coast.  Even small tasks like exercise, yoga and a “spa day” help to reset and recharge. Expert recommend getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, spending time with family and friends and taking time each day to take care of yourself.


Mental health experts are best suited to assist with burnout and other issues that may arise from working in professions such as legal and healthcare fields. The rate of burnout in these professions is increasing with the demands of the work.  Take time to implement self-care and if that is not enough, please seek out professional help.


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